Free Government Auctions

Ever wonder where old government cars and properties go? It turns out that you can buy them at below market value in free government auction listings. The U.S. Government has a fast cycle policy in renewing government fleets. When these government properties have satisfied the length of the lease, they try to recoup value by allowing the public to bid for these properties. The most common items in these auctions are fleet cars.

Free government auctions are administered by the U.S. General Services Administration (http://www.gsa.gov) and its automobile auctions arm, the GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales (http://www.autoauctions.gsa.gov/). Aside from fleet cars, you can also bid for public buildings, real estate, scientific equipment, office supplies and utilities, villas, yachts, and more. With a wide range of products on auction, you will rarely find an auction that is not a good deal for you.

The products from free government auctions come from various government agencies, usually in the federal level. After one federal agency uses a newly acquired unit, they cycle it by sending it directly to GSA or by lending it to other government agencies. Other items from free government auctions come from seized properties taken from delinquent taxpayers or from ill-gotten gains by convicted felons.

Advantages Of Government Auctions

People who discover the opportunities behind government auctions are delighted with the cost and quality advantages of these items. Since this is a government function, participating in auctions or viewing their listings is free. They also fetch at below market value, even compared to used-market prices. When you win a bid, you also enjoy lower taxes on purchases compared to the taxes imposed in the market. These cost advantages serve well for small businesses who want to buy a vehicle or two for their operations.

Although they have completed their lease terms, most of the items in government auctions are sparsely used. Fleet vehicles have low mileage, and most of them were only used by one owner. Federal agencies also have considerable budget for the maintenance of their units, so when they are ready for bidding, they are almost in mint condition. Bidders will be glad to know that most of the preferred features and add-ons that they want on a car or property are also in these items.

Buying items at auctions is incredibly popular and something that happens all over the world. While some auctions have items that are being sold by private sellers there are also government auctions that you can take part in. These are becoming more and more popular as expensive items can be sold for incredibly reasonable prices. If you are looking for a new car, a new house or just household items you could benefit from government auctions.

What Are Government Auctions?

Government auctions are auctions in which government agencies will auction off items they have been seized from individuals. There are various reasons why these items are removed from a person's possession. In some cases they have been taken because an individual has failed to keep up with payments on a car or a property. In other cases they have been removed as they are the result of criminal activity. Some of the items that are seized have been illegally imported into the United States.

Once these items have been removed they will then eventually go up for auction if it is legal to sell them. When this happens consumers can get some fantastic deals on items and property that can be incredibly expensive. As you would imagine these auctions are very popular with people all over the country. You can either decide to bid online for items or you can visit government auctions in person to enjoy the excitement.

What Can You Buy?

Most people who have never looked into government auctions before will be absolutely astounded at the kind of items that they can buy. To answer the question in the best way it would be better say is there anything you can't buy at these auctions? To get an idea of what you can expect here are some of the items that you could purchase:

Agricultural equipment if you are a farmer or have a plot of land you could find some fantastic equipment at a price that is right.

Aircraft and boats these have been seized from individuals around the country. You can bid on these items and get yourself a real deal.

Household items these can be anything that you can expect to find in and around the home. Many people will take a look at government auctions when they are looking for reasonably priced household items. Maybe you could find something that would be suitable for your home at one of these auctions.

Medical equipment - believe it or not either medical equipment is available at government auctions. This can be an excellent way for people setting up in business to get the equipment they need at a price that meets their budget.

Real estate this is one of the most popular categories of items that are sold at these auctions. Properties that have been seized from people who can no longer make payments or who have had criminal dealings will come up for auction. As you would imagine it is possible to get some absolutely amazing deals on these properties.

Vehicles - any vehicle you can think of has and will be sold at government auctions. Some people will only by their vehicles from these auctions and they know that they will be able to get such a great deal. So if you are trying to stick to a budget and get a vehicle that is suitable for you a government auction could be just what you are looking for.

Who Can Attend Them?

Anyone is legally able to attend these auctions. However in order to bid in the successful you need to be able to produce identification and in some states be over the age of 18. This will not prevent young people from going to these oxen to see exactly what they are all about.

If you bid on an item at a government auction and you are successful you will need to make payment in full before you leave. You will not be able to make a pact payment and pick up an item at a later date when you pay the balance in full. So make sure that you take enough money with you if you are planning on looking for a particular item.

Prior to a government auction opening it is possible to take a look at the goods that are being sold. In some cases this will happen a day or two before the auction takes place in others it will be for an hour or two before the auction. So if you would like to take a really good look around at what will be sold it is a good idea to find out when the viewings will take place.

Attending A Free Government Auction

Going to a free access government auction is as easy as showing up on the day of the auction. To be eligible for a fleet auction, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a driver's license. Employees of the GSA and members of their household, as well as the employees of the auction contracts, are not allowed to join these auctions. Other government employees are allowed to bid and purchase government property unless it is prohibited by their agency. Registration for these auctions is free.

The key to participating in these free government auctions is to know the schedule way ahead of time and come early in the day. There are designated auction houses across the country that release the schedule of auctions. A comprehensive schedule is found in U.S. GSA website (http://www.autoauctions.gsa.gov/Calendar.cfm). From the auction calendar, you can view the day, time, and location of the bidding. It is recommended to call the auction house ahead of time for availability. You must come in at the right time, since some of the auction houses have limited seating capacity. You may only view the listings at the day of the auction, but you can ask the auction house in advance on what type of fleet vehicles are available, so you can decide whether you will attend or not. Auctioned items may also be pulled out at the last minute for continued government use. If you let the process work for you, free government auctions will be worth your time.

Online Government Auctions

If you cannot attend a physical auction, you can also log in to GSA Auctions Online (http://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/gsaauctions/) and bid for various items. You can browse through wide product listings ranging from agricultural equipment and construction equipment, to furniture, communication equipment, and school supplies. Once you register and get your account validated, you can view the details of various items, the bidding rule, the highest current bid, the close time, and where the property is located. If you won a bid, the online service will send you an e-mail detailing the payment and shipment details. You can go to their site to view the FAQ.

Free government auctions are a great way to jump-start your business operations or find something very useful for your household. It takes some time to be familiar with the process, but once you get the hang of it, you will be pleased to have another outlet to get affordable and reliable items.

Online Information

If you would like to be able to purchase items from government auctions online the GSA Auctions website has a huge choice. You can buy anything from household items to properties and vehicles. In fact as soon as you visit this website which can be found here http://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/gsaauctions/ you will be amazed at what is on offer.

To get a really good overview of what you can expect at government auctions take a look at the Government Auction Page website which is here http://www.tgand.com/ainfo/usgovact.htm. On this website you will find plenty of questions and answers relating to government auctions. It is incredibly easy to understand and is not filled with confusing jargon.

On the CWS Marketing website you can quickly and easily find the latest items that are going up for auction. The website which is located here http://www.cwsmarketing.com/ is very simple and straightforward to understand and in no time you will be hooked. Take a look at this website to get a really great idea of the kind of items that you can expect to see at government auctions every day.

To join a website that has plenty of information on government auctions visit the DEAauctions.com website. You can find this website here http://deaauctions.com/membership.htm and join within a matter of moments. Once you are a member you will get access to thousands of government auctions and learn more about the auction process.

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