Finding Average Car Prices

The common question for new car buyers throughout the United States involves the cost of their favorite vehicles. The prices quoted below are based on manufacturer's suggested retail prices in NADA Guides for the 2008 model year.

Average Car Price For Sedans

The starter car for many drivers is a four-door sedan. These vehicles have a relatively low average car price and provide sufficient space for passengers as well as cargo. There is wide variance between the average price of a car at the low end and high end of the sedan market.

Ford Motor Company has a four-door sedan called the Focus that is available in a number of trims. The standard four-door trim is sold for an average new car price of $14,755 with additional fees paid for high-end packages. A comparable vehicle in the sedan market is the Honda Civic with a DX trim available for an average price of $15,810.

There are several luxury sedans that skew the average new car price for most consumers. The Audi A3 sedan is available in a DSG trim for $27,410 MSRP, though most buyers add on GPS and leather seats for a few thousand dollars extra. One of the premium sedans sold in the United States is the Infiniti FX35, with all-wheel drive that has an average car price of $39,550.

Pickup Truck Averages

The market for pickup trucks has boomed in recent years due to the trend toward bigger vehicles. Families in suburbs and rural areas who want durable vehicles during all seasons have infiltrated this section of the auto market. This increased interest in pickup trucks has driven down the average car price for these vehicles due to competition among automakers.

The lowest end of the pickup truck market is the Mazda B2300 that retails for $15,535 for the two-wheel drive model. The Toyota Tacoma has an average price of $21,555 for various four-wheel drive trims while the GMC Sierra 1500 sells for $28,370. These average car prices can be boosted by several thousand dollars with tow packages, extended cabins, and sound systems.

The heavy-duty pickup truck market is popular among construction companies and farmers in need of rugged trucks. The average new car price for trucks like the Nissan Titan and Chevrolet Avalanche is significantly higher than aforementioned entry-level trucks. The Titan is one of the most expensive pickup trucks at $38,530, while the Chevrolet Avalanche is a more affordable $33,435.

Sports Cars And Convertible Prices

Sports cars and convertibles have a broad range of average car prices that reflect the different approaches of automakers. Chevrolet and Ford have been producing sports cars for decades that are accessible in terms of price and appearance. The Chevrolet Cobalt is a blend of sedan and sports car that is an affordable $19,510 MSRP. Ford's 2008 incarnation of the classic Mustang averages $24,475 which is far more affordable than most sports cars.

Companies like Jaguar and Ferrari have cultivated the reputation for high prices that sports cars have earned over the years. Jaguar's XK convertible has a price tag of $80,835, which is a substantial leap from the Cobalt and Mustang. Ferrari's 430 convertible costs $217,310 that reflects the hand artisanship and luxury amenities offered to 430 drivers.

Hybrid Cars And SUV Average Prices

The average new car price for a hybrid vehicle in the United States has dropped in the last decade due to increased production and government support. The 2008 Toyota Prius remains the most popular hybrid vehicle in the United States due to its presence on the auto market for the last eight years. The Prius retails for $22,475, with a touring model that costs in excess of $24,000 MSRP.

One of the promising trends for hybrid fans is the development of fuel-efficient sedans by luxury automakers like Lexus. Lexus has been promoting its GS 450h four-door sedan in recent months as a blend of the company's premium cars and a new generation of hybrid vehicles. The GS 450h sells for $54,900 MSRP at Lexus dealerships throughout the United States.

Average Crossover Vehicle Prices

Automakers have created crossover vehicles to blend the durability of sports utility vehicles with the comforts of sedans. The average price of a crossover car varies based on transmission, trim, and automaker. The most affordable crossover on the market today is the Ford Escape which has a four-wheel drive XLS that costs $21,880 MSRP. Honda has released the Element, a square crossover geared toward surfers and campers, with a suggested price of $23,190.

Buick and Chrysler have brought luxury elements to their new crossover vehicles, with average new car prices that reflect premium amenities. The Buick Enclave CX with all-wheel drive transmission has the average retail price of $34,805. Chrysler's Aspen has an all-wheel Limited edition that is comparable to the Enclave at $34,880.

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