Get the Best Fuel Economy From Your Vehicle

Most people think of driving a fuel-efficient car when they think of saving money on gas but not everyone can just run out and buy a new car. Still, there are many ways you can save money on gas regardless of the type of car you drive. In the following paragraphs, we will look at five tips you can use to attain the best fuel economy possible for your vehicle, regardless of what kind it is.

Drive More Economically

Many people do not realize that the way they drive their cars has a lot to do with the kind of fuel efficiency they will receive. However, even if you do not drive one of the best fuel economy cars you can still improve your gas mileage by how you drive your car. For example, stopping and starting reduces fuel efficiency, as does speeding and excessive idling. Therefore, by going the speed limit, not only can you avoid getting a speeding ticket, you can also save money by making your gas go further. In fact, by using your cruise control when driving on the highways will help to maximize your gas mileage: it will also be easier for you to stay within the speed limit.

Using your air conditioning only when absolutely necessary is another way to achieve the best fuel economy for your vehicle. Also, avoid excessive idling whenever possible as this greatly reduces your fuel economy. Take extra time to get where you are going so that you do not slip into aggressive driving modes that will reduce your gas mileage. In addition, using the overdrive gears will also increase your gas mileage.

Maintain Your Car

You can turn your car into one of the cars with best fuel economy simply by taking care of it and getting it serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. You should always keep your tires inflated to the PSI listed in your owner's manual. For most vehicles, this is 32 PSI but check your owner's manual to be sure. Tires should also be aligned and rotated according to manufacturer's instructions. Not only will this increase fuel efficiency, but also it will extend the life of your tires and maybe even your suspension.

Keeping your engine tuned will also increase fuel efficiency. It is also important to use the right grade of oil, which is specified in your owner's manual and you should have your oil changed according to manufacturer's recommendations. When possible, avoid carrying heavy items in your trunk or vehicle, as the excess weight will diminish fuel efficiency. Keep this in mind also if you use a luggage rack on top of your car for long trips. You could, in effect, pay several more cents per gallon for gas if you carry excess weight in or on your vehicle. With a little effort, you can ensure that you are driving one of the cars with best fuel economy every day.

Plan Trips Wisely

Not only is it important how you drive, but how often and when you drive, will also have a bearing on whether or not you achieve the best fuel economy for your vehicle. Higher gas prices usually result in more people taking public transportation but you can be proactive and take public transportation to make your gas dollars go further. Taking public transportation during rush hour traffic can be especially helpful because you will avoid driving your vehicle in the stop and start traffic that diminishes fuel efficiency. Many people are also joining carpools for both work and school transportation. Some people carpool on a regular basis in order to help preserve the environment while others find it necessary to carpool in order to save money on gas. This means that there are more carpools than ever so you should have no trouble finding someone to carpool with in order to save money on gas.

Another way to ensure that you drive one of the best fuel economy cars is to plan your errands wisely. Consider paying your bills online if you do not already to reduce the number of errands you have to run. Also, plan your route in order to achieve the best fuel efficiency. If the grocery store is on your way home from work, try to have your grocery list with you so that you do not have to make an extra trip. On the same token, if you do something else on a regular basis, like renting videos, plan those trips to coincide with other trips you have in the same neighborhood.

At The Pump

Do not be fooled into thinking that buying the better grade of gas will result in you driving one of the best fuel economy cars. Check your owner's manual to see which grade of gas the manufacturer recommends because if it does not advise you to use the better grade of gas, then most likely, it will not help your fuel efficiency at all. A better idea is to check online for the best gas prices in your area. You can save as much as five or ten cents per gallon by knowing where to shop for gas. Click the following link in order to instantly view the best gas prices in your area now. http://gasbuddy.com/

Don't Fall For Phony Gas Savers

Whenever gas prices go up, inevitably, new gases saving "gadgets" come on the market that promise to save you a bundle on gas. Use caution before spending your hard-earned money on these gadgets because most of them are useless. In addition, some of them can even harm your car so you want to be very careful before using these types of products. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts tests on gas saving products and publishes reports on their findings. You can access those reports by clicking on the following link.

Whether or not you drive one of the cars with best fuel economy, you can do a lot to ensure that you are getting the most from your gas buying dollars. For more information on getting the best fuel economy, visit the following site http://www.fueleconomy.gov/.

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